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"Pat Wilkins does superb finish work on guitars and basses. Whether you're after a new, flashy custom finish or a subtle restoration on a vintage instrument, Pat is the best there is. His own custom built guitars and basses are fantastic as well, and besides all that he is one of the nicest people in the guitar business that I have ever worked with."
Elliot Easton - Los Angeles, CA 

"Pat put new clear coats on two of my most prized basses - a '63 EBO and an old Epiphone "Newport".  I brought the EBO in to see if he could preserve a rather large Shiva sticker which I recklessly put on it - it's now preserved forever!  I was SO HAPPY with the results.  Not only do both of these basses feel 10 times better in my hands, but they catch the light in a way that's really cool."
Matt Malley - Founding Member, Counting Crows 

"In my 38 years as an electric bassist I have owned just about every bass you can think of... Nothing ever fully satisfied my eclectic tastes or truly diverse gig demands until I discovered my Wilkins basses. Not only are the electronics flexible enough to rise to any occasion, but the feel of the instrument is unsurpassed. No matter what you're looking for in an instrument, Wilkins can keep you happy for a long, long time. I'm hooked!"
Joe Iaquinto - Los Angeles

"Pat is a true craftsman and that is reflected in the obvious attention to detail in all his work. The paintwork is flawless and the nicely radiused fingerboard edges and excellent fretwork are a joy to behold. I can honestly say that these basses are among the most comfortable and satisfying I have ever played."
Harmony Central Post

"If you want the best in the world to do it for you, call Pat Wilkins. Last year, I called him saying I wanted my bass to be "Honda Element Orange." Specifically that shade of orange. Pat made it happen, and it looks beautiful. #1 in the world, and he is very affordable."
Ultimate Guitar Forum Post

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Pat Wilkins of Wilkins Guitars is a man who can appreciate the Old School. After getting his start in amps in the ’70s, he soon switched to guitar building, where he eventually started his own brand.

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